Testing Packages

Testing packages

Performing multiple tests in a single visit can provide a more comprehensive view of an individual's physiology than any single test. For example, testing both VO2MAX and lactate allows assessment of lactate threshold as a percentage of VO2MAX. Assessment of resting metabolic rate along with body composition can provide insight into an individual's optimal caloric needs. In addition to providing more information, our testing packages offer reduced pricing.



Stand alone tests

Underwater Weighing (UWW) for Body Composition -- $40

VO2MAX -- $150

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) -- $100

Lactate -- $150



UWW + VO2MAX or Lactate -- $175

UWW + RMR -- $125

VO2MAX  or Lactate + RMR -- $200

VO2MAX  + Lactate -- $250

All 4 tests -- $350